Do I need a prescription for bioXtra?
No, bioXtra products are available without prescription from your local pharmacy.

What does the Medical Device and the CE sign mean on the bioXtra products?
bioXtra products are regarded as medical devices, Class IIa. This classification states that the products are proven to be effective and safe.

I am using medication. Is bioXtra safe to use in this case?
There are no known interactions between the bioXtra products and medicines and they can be used together safely. However, if you do have any questions regarding this or if you experience an unexpected effect when using bioXtra products, it is advised to contact your pharmacist or the manufacturer.

How do I apply bioXtra Oral Gel?
Wash hands thoroughly before use. Apply gel liberally with your finger to gums and tongue or under dentures whenever your mouth feels dry, especially at night. Spread the gel through your mouth by moving your tongue around the inside of your lips, cheeks and palate.

Remove or spit out the excess. Repeat as necessary.

What is the best way to apply bioXtra Oral Gel into a patient’s mouth?
If a patient is unable to apply the gel himself the easiest way to apply the gel is to put it on your finger, using a protective glove or finger condom. Apply the gel on the cheeks, the tongue and the palate and don’t forget the floor of the mouth. You can also use a cotton swab or a gauze for application, but make sure to use more gel because part of it will be absorbed.

bioXtra Oral Gel can also be used in case of PEG feeding or oxygen therapy.

When will I start to notice the effect of bioXtra products?
Depending on your situation you can expect an effect within 10 days. The best results will be obtained by using the bioxtra products in a Daily Care Program.
Alcohol in cosmetic mouth rinses, or detergent (foaming agents) in regular toothpastes can destroy the working mechanism of the enzymes, so do avoid using them at the same time as the bioXtra products.

Can I use bioXtra Oral Gel under my dentures?
Yes. When you suffer from a lack of saliva the dentures will not stay in place, because there is no adhesion. When you apply bioXtra Oral Gel under your dentures they will feel more comfortable to wear.

How long does bioXtra Oral Gel works?
In fact the dryer the mouth the longer the Oral gel stays in place. For long-lasting lubrication and comfort, especially at night, apply bioXtra Gel before going to sleep.

Can I use bioXtra Gel Mouthspray during the night?
bioXtra Gel Mouthspray is very convenient during day time but you can also use it at night in case of mild problems. For a longer-lasting effect during night time bioXtra Oral Gel is recommended.

In the ingredients list it says glucose oxidase. Is this a sugar?
No, glucose oxidase is not a sugar but an enzyme that is activated by the glucose from our food and drinks. During this activation the glucose level in your mouth is in fact reduced because it will be consumed by the enzyme. Glucose oxidase is safe for natural teeth.

Why does bioXtra Mild Toothpaste have a low foaming effect?
bioXtra Mild Toothpaste is SLS –free. SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) is a detergent that – in some cases – can cause painful spots ( aphthous ulcers)  in the mouth. In case of Dry Mouth these problems occur more frequently due to the lack of the natural protective system normally present in saliva. Using bioXtra Mild Toothpaste may help to reduce the onset of aphthous ulcers.

Some bioXtra products contain limonene. Can I use those products?
The presence of limonene does not have much relevance in the oral cavity regarding skin allergy. If you eat an orange or drink orange juice the concentration of limonene in the mouth and on the lips is very much higher. However, if you do have a known allergy to limonene, it would be advisable to avoid using the bioXtra products that contain it, i.e. the ultra mild mouthrinse and the mild toothpaste. You can safely use the gel mouthspray and the oral gel. If you are in any doubt, please consult a specialist.

Can I swallow bioXtra Ultra Mild Mouthrinse.
No, bioXtra Ultra Mild Mouth rinse should not be swallowed.

Do I have to rinse with water after rinsing with bioXtra Ultra Mild Mouthrinse?
No, just spit it out and do not rinse with water. By just spitting out you benefit the most from the enzymes present in the mouthrinse.

How often can I use bioXtra Ultra Mild Mouthrinse?
bioXtra Ultra Mild Mouthrinse contains 1500 ppm fluoride, so do not exceed 5 times per day.

Can anyone use bioXtra Toothpaste and Mouthrinse, even if you don’t suffer from dry mouth?
Yes, bioXtra Toothpaste and Mouthrinse are suitabe for everyone. They contain enzymes that are also present in natural saliva. Toothpaste and Mouthrinse are not suitable for children of 6 years and under. Supervise children as necessary until capable of using without supervision.

Why do I have to close the tubes and bottles after opening?
The enzyme system in bioXtra products is activated by oxygen. If you leave the product open, oxygen will penetrate into the tube or bottle decreasing the efficacy of the product.