Support Head &Neck Cancer Patients & Carers

The Swallows Vision

To offer support and awareness for people affected by head and neck cancer through the Journey from diagnosis, treatment and into survivorship.

To gather and disseminate details of the treatment, help and support needed for patients & carers at the start of their Journey by means of a Patient Book, other special publications, and our website.

To hold regular monthly meetings for patients & carers and anyone else who is affected directly or indirectly, by this type of cancer.

Day 13 of my journey with Head & Neck Cancer

Paul Schneider

2nd week of Radiotherapy

My partner, girlfriend Nicola Brown joins me today talking about her caregiver journey.

BioXtra gets a mention today to help with throat issues, thank you RIS Health.

Dentist explains how to prevent risk for increased cavities while wearing face masks