PPE For the Mouth Lifestream
Any reduction in saliva flow can lead to a condition known as dry mouth, or clinically called xerostomia. Dry mouth can disturb mouth’s natural balance and may contribute to discomfort, poor oral health, bad breath and even affect general health and well-being. This video gives you more information about the causes, consequences and treatment of Dry Mouth.
Prof. Sandra Nuyts ( UZL) explains about Dry Mouth Natural saliva contains a complex balance of essential components, which protect the sensitive tissues of your teeth and gums. Radiotherapy in the head and neck region and other medical conditions may cause a severe disturbance in the saliva production, leading to Dry Mouth. Prof. Sandra Nuyts of the University Hospital in Leuven (UZL) explains about the causes and effects of Dry Mouth (xerostomia). bioXtra products contain natural enzymes that mimic the properties of natural saliva, for a comfortable feeling and protection of teeth and gums.
Oral care Instruction video When patients are unable to carry out their own oral care, maintaining patients’ oral hygiene is an essential duty of care and considered to be a fundamental aspect of healthcare. This training video may encourage HCP’s to perform the right oral care to their patients.
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Management of dry mouth by Dr Denise MacCarthy
Christine Boers-Doets Ph.D, is an expert on side-effects and the initiator of CancerMed ( ). With more care, side effects from cancer treatments can be reduced, resulting in less symptom burden. In this video, Christine clearly explains how the symptoms of Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) can be combated.
Dry, sore or sentitive mouth ?